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 Interface Between Concrete and Flooring RESOLVED

Leading Industry Authorities Explain New Patented Technology

Boston, Mass., October 30, 2015 – Nearly 500 architects, GCs and installers were treated to a combined presentation by Peter Craig, Allen Face and Eldon Tipping (photo) at multiple sessions held in Boston on Oct 22 and 24, compliments of ARDEX. The focus of the panel discussion was to reflect on a patented installation system for concrete slabs that provides a flat and level floor to the satisfaction of all trade practices.

Peter Craig, expert in concrete moisture and slab issues; Allen Face, possibly the world's leading authority on the design, construction, and quality control of concrete floor slabs; and Eldon Tipping, the leading authority on concrete tolerances for both on grade and elevated slabs, consulted extensively with ARDEX throughout the development of the patented technology.

ARDEX Concrete Management Systems™ - ACMS™ - resolves the conflict between concrete and flooring. These recurring problems with concrete floor construction have never had simple solutions but, instead, are accepted as “necessary evils.” Specifically, the current state of concrete construction in certain commercial building sectors receiving finish flooring involves concrete floor repairs and corrections that are reactive. In present construction practices, discovering, scheduling and performing slab repairs, leveling and moisture mitigation, occurs late in the job. These unplanned developments result in delays, change orders, cost overruns and a lack of accountability. This activity is further complicated by a discrepancy between the specification and trade practices in Division 3 and Division 9.

ACMS™ is a patented, innovative, specified finishing method for new concrete with an integrated system of moisture control and self-leveling underlayment products. This ARDEX alternative for concrete floor construction guarantees dry, flat and level surfaces, meets the tolerances of all trades, and helps keep projects on time and on budget.

Using ACMS™, the concrete contractor will:

  • Place
  • Consolidate
  • Strike off
  • Re-float / re-straighten the surface
  • Allow bleed water to dissipate
  • Wet cover or membrane cure the concrete for 3-7 days.

Following these steps, the concrete is “brush-blasted” to create a minimum CSP3 to remove laitance, salt residue, contamination or the curing compound. Immediately after the surface preparation, ARDEX MC™ RAPID One-Coat Moisture Control System For Concrete to Receive ARDEX Underlayments is applied at 14 mils thickness with a sand broadcast. After a minimum four hours dry time, the slab can be surveyed and a suitable ARDEX Self-Leveling Underlayment installed.

As a proactive concrete finishing process, ARDEX ACMS offers a specified, planned, scheduled and budgeted alternative to the current “23rd Hour” reactive construction environment. In addition to delivering a high quality, concrete floor with flatness and levelness values that meet or exceed all trades, ACMS:

  • ELIMINATES delays to the flooring and other finish trades
  • ELIMINATES sub-floor change orders
  • ELIMINATES the need to conduct moisture tests and
  • ELIMINATES schedule disruptions and arguments over who bears the cost.

“Fast track construction, modifications to finished flooring structures and adhesives, changes to mix designs that have created uncertainty or extended dry times, and inherent engineering challenges associated with deflection on elevated slabs are additional issues that have driven our development of ACMS,” says Mike Tracy, ARDEX Americas Business Development Manager. “These challenges are especially prevalent in health care and education projects in which moisture sensitive flooring is specified and concrete tolerances are tight. ACMS addresses all of these issues on the front end.”

From slab pour to finished floor, ARDEX delivers customer-driven solutions developed in close consultation with the industry’s leading experts.

ACMS™ is complemented by a range of high technology pumping platforms. ARDIFLO™ Pumping Systems provide Floor Leveling Options from traditional mixing barrels to Standard, Medium and High-Capacity Pumping Systems. Each system is uniquely designed to match capabilities with the project parameters. ARDIFLO™ Pumping Systems come with a broad range of training and on-site technical support options as well as tailored warranties.

For more information about ARDEX Concrete Management Systems™ and ARDIFLO™ Pump Systems, talk with an ARDEX Sales Professional at 888-512-7339, or call Mike Tracy directly at 201-675-5666.

ARDEX is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of high-performance specialty building products for all aspects of substrate preparation, floor covering, tile and stone and architectural concrete surfaces systems for commercial and residential applications. For more than 35 years in North America, ARDEX Americas has led the industry in product performance, innovation, and technical leadership. ARDEX prides itself on providing unmatched customer service, in-field support, training, and a commitment to the growth and profitability of its customers' businesses.