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Taking Floors to a Whole New Level​​​

An inexpensive, time-saving option for mapping elevation requirements when using ARDEX Self-Leveling Underlayments.

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Étude de cas

Key Features:
2.5” (6.3 cm) pin
Adhesive strip holds the pin securely in place during a pour
Easy-to-cut plastic
Convenient, easy-to-read measurements in inches and millimeters
ARDIPEGS packaged 250 per box

Use a laser, transit or similar method to grid the floor
Prep and prime the substrate
Place and trim the pins to the appropriate height
Install ARDEX Self-leveling Underlayment

Sturdy material returns to its original upright position if stepped on or rolled over
Pins become an invisible part of the matrix

For more information call the ARDEX Technical Service Department at 888-512-7339.