40th Anniversary

Celebrate with us!

40th Anniversary

Join us as we take a look back at the last 40 years.

Welcome to ARDEX Americas, Celebrating 40 Years of Innovation

Celebrate ARDEX Americas’ 40th anniversary! Read more about our history, learn about our product lines, and latest product innovations. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, @ARDEXAMERICAS, for more information throughout the coming year.

ARDEX Americas

When ARDEX Americas started back in 1978, we began a tradition of innovation and excellence as we introduced the first self-leveling cement product available in the market. Today we continue in that tradition, and build upon our vision to be one of the world’s leading solution providers of high performance specialty building materials.


40 Years of Innovation Timeline


It’s a year of expansions! The doubling of our warehouse facility in Aliquippa, PA, and the warehouse and production expansion of our Stockton, CA, plant will be completed this year.


An expansion on our Dallas, GA, plant added 50,000 sq. ft this year.


2015 Mansfield expansion
Our Mansfield, Texas, plant completed a 45,000 sq. ft. expansion. The new space more than doubled the size of the original facility.


The first expansion on our Dallas, Georgia, plant was completed in late 2013. It added much-needed powder product manufacturing capabilities to the plant.


2013 ARDEX Stockton expansion
In the first half of 2013, we opened our Stockton, California, campus. In addition to a manufacturing facility, Stockton also has a state of the art training center, showcasing ARDEX products throughout. This image features the academy bistro, with an ARDEX SD-M™ floor, and ARDEX PANDOMO® W1 on the walls.


2009 Mansfield
We opened a new plant in 2009 in Mansfield, Texas, focusing on the manufacture of powder products.


2006 Latin America
Building upon a distributor base, ARDEX Americas established an expanded business with dedicated sales representation based in Mexico.


Happy 25th anniversary to ARDEX Americas!


2001 HENRY warehouse
ARDEX purchased the W.W.Henry Company, which included a plant in Bourbonnais, Illinois, and one in Dallas, Georgia.


2000 aliquippa campus
ARDEX built an expansive campus on property in picturesque Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. It includes a plant, training center, research and development space as well as an administrative building. The administrative building was modeled after the original building on the Coraopolis campus.


1993 Dallas powder
The launch of another flagship product, ARDEX FEATHER FINISH®, occurred this year. This patch featured the revolutionary self-drying technology and its unprecedented, superior performance outperformed anything else available in the marketplace.


1988 coraopolis campus
The ARDEX campus in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania grew over the years. The warehouse expansion was actually built directly around the existing warehouse, to avoid interrupting production.


In the mid-1980’s ARDEX added our very first silo, and continued to grow the company.


1982 canada
ARDEX continues its growth with a dedicated sales, technical and marketing focus in the region of Canada. This expansion directly services key customers throughout North America. Pictured is our Mississauga, Ontario training facility.


1980 first computer
This is an IBM PC 5150 Type B: ARDEX’ very first computer. It came with 64 KB of ram on the motherboard, and the maximum memory was 256 KB, which is about the size of a single picture on this webpage. All work had to be saved on blank floppy disks, and we used it primarily to mailmerge customer letters and for financial spreadsheets. We’ve come a long way!


1978 goller
ARDEX Americas was founded by Herbert Goller on March 13, 1978. He traveled to the US from Germany with his family, and settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With his trademark enthusiasm and passion, he pioneered the introduction of self-leveling technology in the Americas. He established the ARDEX tradition of hard work and dedication to excellence that continues today.