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Sani Sport Club – Boucherville, Quebec


Prosol Distribution and Tapis Leblanc reached out to ARDEX Sales Professional Eric Morissette for recommendations on a fast track solution for the Sani Sport Club’s ceramic tile renovation of the main lobby and reception areas. The removal of old vinyl floor coverings and adhesive residue leftovers on the existing substrate would need to be done mechanically. Sani Sport Club could not be down for a full week required with traditional substrate preparation methods.

Ceramique Perfection – Sainte-Julie, Québec, Canada

Tapis Leblanc – Sainte-Julie, Québec, Canada

Yvon Miclette – Prosol Distribution, Montréal, Canada


  • Minimal down times
  • High renovation costs


ARDEX Sales Professional Eric Morissette recommended ARDEX UI 720 FLEXBONE® Floating Uncoupling Membrane as the solution to dramatically cut down installation time and avoid the high costs of mechanical substrate preparation. ARDEX UI 720 is a revolutionary loose laid floating system providing true 100% uncoupling. Since the membrane is not bonded to the substrate, tiling over existing substrates such as vinyl flooring in this case can be successfully accomplished without having to mechanically remove the flooring and prepare the substrate for a bonding coat.

ARDEX X 5 Flexible Tile and Stone Mortar is ideal for large format tile. Its creamy consistency and extended pot life of 3 hours, made the large format tile installation easy for the tile installers. ARDEX FL Rapid Set, Flexible, Sanded Grout; Fresh Lilly with a high level of flexibility and ease of application gave the flooring attractive, full grout joints and it was walkable in 90 minutes.

The new tile installation was completed in just 3 days, no extra labor or mechanical preparation of the surface was needed, and Sani Sports Complex’s main lobby and reception areas look great!