Need for Speed™

When you have the

Need for Speed™

  • FEATURING: Adhesive Systems
  • Open a floor to traffic immediately!
  • Different, speedy adhesive solutions for every type of flooring

Introducing a Brand New Look at ARDEX Systems: When you have the need for speed

As construction projects get underway, we know you have a need for speed. At the same time, you need reliable, high quality products that get the job done right, the first time. We offer products, and complete product systems, to help you do your best work, at a pace that will keep your installations on the fast track.


Congratulations to our Rover Cart and Barrel winner: Michael from Allied Construction Services, LLC!



Watch the video below to learn more about our Adhesive Systems.


In the words of Geoff Gordon, Executive Director, Fuse Alliance,

“As the economy opens after the global pandemic, Fuse members will be asked for accelerated schedules to complete work that had been halted or delayed.  Installation solutions that are fast track will be key to getting these projects completed on time.  ARDEX Americas, one of our preferred vendor partners, has launched a web-based landing page that contains information on the “Need for Speed” solutions that they offer.   These types of timely solutions will help our members continue to grow their respective businesses through 2020 and beyond.”


Meeting the Changing Needs of Our Installers

We are dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of our installers, and in the current climate that means speed of installation, with the same outstanding performance you’ve come to associate with the name ARDEX.

Starnet Commercial Flooring President & CEO Mark Bischoff said, “Starnet Preferred Vendor Partner, ARDEX Americas has launched speed enhancing solutions that may help balance out the time lost meeting the new requirements for life safety.”

Trust ARDEX systems when you need to deliver quality installations at unprecedented speed.


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