March Milestone Anniversaries

marzo 1, 2017

Ray GriffinMarch 3, 2017, marks Ray
Griffin’s 25 year anniversary with the W.W. Henry Company.  Ray began his career in 1992. Ray has worked in Powders, Shipping and Receiving. With Ray’s experience he has worked with R & D and many other departments. Ray has perfect attendance for almost 25 years.  He was a major part of a recent successful project, the installation of the new powders operation in Dallas, Georgia.  With his hard work and dedication, the Dallas Plant has become a major contributor in the powder manufacturing in ARDEX North America. 

Waldo Montelongo

March 14, 2017 marks Waldo Montelongo’s 15-year anniversary with ARDEX. Waldo began his career at the W.W. Henry plant in Arlington, TX in the shipping and receiving department. He learned very quickly and moved from the shipping department to resin batch maker. He then transferred to tank farm coordinator, where he was responsible for ordering and unloading all incoming resins, latexes and flammable materials. Since the transition to ARDEX, Waldo has learned and helped out in various positions such as bulk unloading, testing raw materials and finished goods in the lab and is currently the shipping leader.

Wayne WittMarch 23rd, 2017 marks Wayne Witt’s 10-year Anniversary with ARDEX Americas.  During his 10 year tenure,  Wayne has learned the majority of jobs in the Aliquippa manufacturing plant.  His current responsibilities include operating our Fawema which packs ARDEX FEATHER FINISH and running our tower control room.  Beyond his job skills, Wayne’s natural coaching ability enables him to train and mentor new manufacturing employees.   The combination of job skills, employee mentoring and flexibility contribute to the success of our plant and our company.  Thank you Ray, Waldo and Wayne for your years of service and commitment to excellence! Congratulations to you all!