Stunning Five-Day Bathroom Install with ARDEX Products

mayo 9, 2017

When you see installations by Carl Leonard of Cutting Edge Tile, Inc, you can’t help but be amazed. Elegant and sophisticated – like this bathroom he collaborated on with George Maniera of New Age Stone. He was contracted by Thompson Remodeling and used ARDEX products throughout.

“We provide our clients with a 20-year guarantee,” he explained, “so only the best materials will do,” Leonard stated.

The bathroom tile installation, located in Hillsborough, New Jersey, took just five working days to complete.

“Using high quality products like ARDEX allows us to cut time, increase productivity and ensure a long-lasting, maintenance free installation,” Leonard explains.

They used ARDEX X 5™ white thinset to adhere the heated uncoupling membrane to the floor, followed by ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard® to protect the wires and provide a flat surface for the floor tile.

In the shower area walls, pan and exterior walls, they used ARDEX X 5 white thinset to adhere the tiles, and used ARDEX FL™ for all grout work.

When asked what was the most difficult part of the job, Leonard replied, “There weren’t really any tough parts. We love using ARDEX products, they make difficult situations a breeze!”

Cutting Edge Tile, Inc. is a family-owned and operated 3rd generation kitchen and bathroom remodeler and tile installer.