Trash Talk: ARDEX Making Big Strides in Recycling

septiembre 11, 2017

This summer ARDEX Americas’ Dallas, Georgia, plant rolled out an innovative recycling initiative that will effectively eliminate a large portion of waste produced the facility. Michael Deppa, Plant Engineer, spearheaded the effort with the help of Tim Blanchett, Plant Manager.

Michael explains, “Essentially nothing used to produce our products will end up in a landfill – things like cardboard, stretch film and plastic pails.”

The Dallas plant partnered with a local, well-established, industrial recycling company to recycle the material.  Designated plant areas were assigned for each type of material, and employees in each department were individually trained to use, empty and maintain the areas.

“It does require a little bit of coordination to set this up and keep it working,” Deppa said. “Our challenge now is to maintain and motivate everyone to continue the processes we’ve set up.”

Pictured: ARDEX Shipper/Loader Britanya Womack participates in the plant-wide recycling initiative.

Tim believes that, “This is a vital program that underscores ARDEX’ commitment to the environment and sustainability. Every plant employee plays a role in the success of this program.”

“Efforts like this one have the potential to make a huge impact over time,” Michael says in closing, “and as an added bonus, we’re saving money on dumpsters!”