Prestige Custom Tile Delivers Quality Installations

juin 16, 2017

Charles Nolan of Prestige Custom Tile, along with his son Caleb Nolan, recently completed a 500+ sq. ft. project in an office building in Indianapolis, Indiana. He completed the bathrooms using ARDEX UI 740™ FLEXBONE® Uncoupling Membrane, ARDEX X 5™ Flexible Tile and Stone Mortar under the FLEXBONE and ARDEX X 77™ MICROTEC® Fiber Reinforced Tile and Stone Mortar to set the tile.

Nolan says, “ARDEX products are made with the consumer and installer both in mind. They give the public great products that perform well and give the installer products that are user-friendly, cut installation times and gives us the peace of mind we need with products that allow us to be more confident in the materials that have been chosen.”

Nolan, who has been tiling for 29 years, is a CTI and is a NTCA State Ambassador for Indiana.