Turkey for You, Turkey for Me 2017

novembre 22, 2017

Yesterday was the annual ARDEX « Turkey for you, Turkey for me » event! ARDEX’s dynamic leadership team: Jesse David, President, Americas; Lori Angelo, Chief Financial Officer and VP Shared Services; and Mike Crouch, President, Americas, Latin America, Innovation & R&D were on hand to give out turkeys to every employee.

The ARDEX tradition has been in practice for decades, and as employees gather in the technical training center to eat pie and collect their huge birds (mine was a staggering 19.25 lbs!), it’s a rather festive way to celebrate the upcoming holiday. That pile of boxes held about 150 turkeys to be distributed yesterday.

Overheard: « ARDEX finds a good home for every turkey! » And if that isn’t a great Thanksgiving message, I don’t know what is! Happy Thanksgiving all!

Lori and Jesse prepare to begin handing out the turkeys!

ARDEX folks eye up the table of pie.

Keeping watch over the turkey pile.

Mike helps Pam, our ARDEX Academy guru, with her turkey.

The festivities continue.