ARDEX Adopt-A-Highway – Thank You!

abril 5, 2017

Thank you to the Adopt-A-Highway volunteers who dodged “April showers” to pick up the following debris from Todd Road and the ARDEX campus during our Spring clean-up held yesterday, April 4th.  The team picked up 30 trash bags, a tire, a TV and other miscellaneous debris. This is ARDEX’s 11th year participating in the Adopt-A-Highway program. We achieved our 10-year designation in 2016.

Our volunteers were as follows: Bob Kosior, Brandon Hoo, Breanne Thompson, Bret Lewis (Team Lead), Brian Leheny, Charles Powell, Dan Higgins, Dan McLaughlin, Eric P. McGrosky, Harold Cain, Joe Tisak, Kathryn Gardner (Team Lead), Lori Angelo, Mark Perez, Matt Costanza, Randy Holt, Rhonda West, RJ Smith, Ryan Koerbel, Sean Wormald, Sharon Prince (Team Lead), Steven Newbrough, Tom Tran, Tony Tilford.