Honoring the Craft with Quality Installations: Stoneman Construction

octubre 10, 2017

This standard tub and shower installation in Portland, Oregon was completed by Stoneman Construction. Proving that expert craftsmanship is in the details, Jeremy Bickett explains that they took the time to vein match the tile, a polished porcelain, even though they only had five different tiles to choose from.

“We believe that the key to a successful install relies on attention to the details in all phases of the installation. We take pride in meeting or exceeding all industry standards,” Jeremy, a CTI, explains.

Stoneman used ARDEX products throughout this install, including:

  • ARDEX X 5™ Flexible Tile and Stone Mortar, ARDEX 8+9™ Rapid Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Compound
  • ARDEX CA 20 P™ Multi-Purpose Construction Adhesive and Sealant
  • ARDEX X 77™ MICROTEC® Fiber Reinforced Tile and Stone Mortar​​​​​​
  • ARDEX FL™ Rapid Set, Flexible, Sanded Grout
  • ARDEX SX™ 100% Silicone Sealant for Tile and Stone Applications

“We use on the highest quality materials,” he says, “and we believe that taking the time to do proper prep work, prior to the tile installation, makes the entire installation process easier and faster.”

Jeremy, a recent transplant from Indiana, has been in the tile industry for almost 20 years. He met Jason and Shawn McDaniel, the brothers of Stoneman Construction, through the Facebook tile group Global Tile Posse.