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Ancaster Seniors Achievement Centre VCT Flooring Installation

A limited installation period in this center was a great fit for ARDEX' rapid-setting self-leveling products.


Renovations were underway at the Anacaster Seniors Achievement Centre. Crews installing VCT and rubber flooring could only install over the weekend. With over 12,000 sq. ft. to cover, a rapid-setting self-leveler was required.

Installer: Adlers Main Tile & Carpet Co., LTD
Contractor: STM Construction
Architect: Their + Curran Architects Inc.

Featured Products

  • ARDEX K 60™ ARDITEX Rapid Setting Latex Smoothing and Leveling Compound
  • ARDEX ARDIFIX™ Low Viscosity Rigid Polyurethane Crack & Joint Repair
  • ARDEX MC™ RAPID One-Coat Moisture Control System for Concrete to Receive ARDEX Products


• Tight Budget
• Urgent, tight weekend turn around schedule


Adlers Main Tile & Carpet Co., LTD, consulted ARDEX for a cost efficient quick resolution. ARDEX Sales Professional Karl Hanley worked with the ARDEX Technical Department to develop a solution to address the high moisture readings and need for a level and flat floor in only one weekend. It was determined that ARDEX K 60™ ARDITEX latex leveling compound would be installed over ARDEX MC RAPID Moisture Control System. When installing ARDEX K 60 over ARDEX MC RAPID that has not been primed or sand broadcasted, the ARDEX K 60 must be installed within 8 hours of application of ARDEX MC RAPID. Because speed was of the essence to get this job done, this was the perfect solution. Adlers Main Tile & Carpet was impressed with the ease of mixing, pouring and placing ARDEX K 60 and has confidence in the, reliability of ARDEX products. The VCT and rubber flooring installers were impressed by how smooth and flat ARDEX K 60 prepared for the final installation.