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Charlotte Orthopedic Hospital, Charlotte, NC

The nationally-recognized Charlotte Orthopedic Hospital is the area’s only orthopedic facility. In response to a planned expansion ARDEX presented ACMS™ & the ARDIFLO™ Pumping Systems.


  • 80,000 sq. ft. (7,432 sq. m)
  • Extreme moisture sensitivity of the floor coverings in the hospital
  • A fast and integrated system of moisture control and self-leveling was needed that could save time and labor costs.

ARDEX Products

ARDEX Concrete Management Systems™ (ACMS™)US Patent 8,857,130 B1
ARDEX ARDIFIX™ Low Viscosity Rigid Polyurethane Crack & Joint Repair
ARDEX MC™ RAPID One-Coat Moisture Control System For Concrete to Receive ARDEX Products
ARDEX V 1200™ Self-Leveling Underlayment
ARDEX POWERFLO® High-Capacity Pump Trailer

Installer: Flooring Solutions
General Contractor: Vannoy Construction


The nationally-recognized Charlotte Orthopedic Hospital is the area’s only orthopedic facility and part of Novant Health. In response to a planned expansion, Coburn Murray, Andy Smith and Mike Tracy presented ARDEX Concrete Management Systems (ACMS) and ARDEX ARDIFLO Pumping Systems to Vannoy Construction in late 2015. Vannoy is a 64 year-old, premier general contractor with five offices in the Southeast. Because of concerns about moisture and concrete tolerances, Vannoy embraced ACMS and presented the system as an alternate means and method to the owner who accepted the recommendation and approved the budget.


ACMS eliminates the traditional float and steel trowel steps in the new concrete finishing process, saving time and money. The concrete contractor only places, consolidates, strikes off, and bull-floats the surface before allowing the bleed-water to dissipate. The concrete is then brush-blasted, and ARDEX MC RAPID and a self-leveling underlayment are installed. The resulting finish delivers a concrete substrate capable of meeting the most demanding flatness and levelness tolerances for both the flooring and other interior trades while eliminating unplanned leveling and delays.
Using a project-specific formatted spec generated by the ARDEX Technical Department, Vannoy solicited pricing from three recommended sub-contractors. The ACMS installation was awarded to Charlotte-based Flooring Solutions. Following concrete placement, a one-week wet cover cure and brushblasting, the 75,000 sq. ft. application of ARDEX MC RAPID and ARDEX V 1200 at 3/8” was installed in mid-July 2016 using the ARDEX POWERFLO to pump more than 160 super sacks in three mobilizations over a period of four days. The ACMS and ARDIFLO systems improved the Charlotte Orthopedics construction schedule, concrete flatness and levelness and curing process, eliminating the discrepancy between Divisions 3 and 9 in the process.