ARDEX Academy Tiling Tuesday Webinars


ARDEX Americas is proud to announce our upcoming Tiling Tuesday webinar series in February and March.  Stay connected and continue your education. This free webinar series is available to the general public.

The ARDEX instructor will be Mark Pennine, ARDEX Technical Manager, Tile & Stone. Mark has been with ARDEX since 2011 and is a third generation tile installer with 35 years of experience. Mark instructs contractors, architects, manufacturers and distributors on products and installation procedures. He holds a CTEF Tile Inspection Certification, and is a member of IICRC.

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Tuesday, February 16:
Proper Substrate Preparation
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Tuesday, March 2:
Waterproofing for Tile & Stone Installations
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Tuesday, March 16:
ARDEX Mortar Solutions
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Tuesday, March 30:
ARDEX High Performance Grouts
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Tuesday, April 13:
ARDEX FLEXBONE® Uncoupling and In-Floor Heating Systems

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Tuesday, April 27:
ARDEX Exterior Tile & Stone Installation Systems
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The webinars are held on Tuesdays, at 1 pm EST. For more information, and to register for an upcoming webinar, visit www.ardexamericas.com.



About ARDEX, A Leading Solution and Service Provider of Innovative Building Systems:

Recognized by installation experts, ARDEX is a global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of high-performance specialty building products for all aspects of substrate preparation, floor covering, tile and stone installation systems and architectural concrete systems for commercial and residential applications. A family owned company, the ARDEX Group leads through local customer interaction striving for excellence in all that we do. For more information on ARDEX Americas, please visit www.ardexamericas.com or call 1-888-512-7339.


Breathing New Life into an Old House: KR’s Contracting and Remodeling Solutions, Inc.

Kenny Roberts of KR’s Contracting and Remodeling Solutions Inc. recently completed this bathroom install in Plattsburgh, New York. He used ARDEX FEATHER FINISH® Self-Drying, Cement-Based Finish Underlayment​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ to level the 80 ft2 floor prior to the installation of the tile. Kenny also used ARDEX X 5™ Flexible Tile and Stone Mortar on the floor and 100 ft2 shower walls to complete his installation.

Kenny began learning the tile trade in 2001, and in 2011 he started his own business. He counts on ARDEX products to help him deliver quality, precise, clean installations.




















Honoring the Craft with Quality Installations: Stoneman Construction

This standard tub and shower installation in Portland, Oregon was completed by Stoneman Construction. Proving that expert craftsmanship is in the details, Jeremy Bickett explains that they took the time to vein match the tile, a polished porcelain, even though they only had five different tiles to choose from.

“We believe that the key to a successful install relies on attention to the details in all phases of the installation. We take pride in meeting or exceeding all industry standards,” Jeremy, a CTI, explains.

Stoneman used ARDEX products throughout this install, including:

  • ARDEX X 5™ Flexible Tile and Stone Mortar, ARDEX 8+9™ Rapid Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Compound
  • ARDEX CA 20 P™ Multi-Purpose Construction Adhesive and Sealant
  • ARDEX X 77™ MICROTEC® Fiber Reinforced Tile and Stone Mortar​​​​​​
  • ARDEX FL™ Rapid Set, Flexible, Sanded Grout
  • ARDEX SX™ 100% Silicone Sealant for Tile and Stone Applications

“We use on the highest quality materials,” he says, “and we believe that taking the time to do proper prep work, prior to the tile installation, makes the entire installation process easier and faster.”

Jeremy, a recent transplant from Indiana, has been in the tile industry for almost 20 years. He met Jason and Shawn McDaniel, the brothers of Stoneman Construction, through the Facebook tile group Global Tile Posse.

It all makes Cents: Rudi’s Tile & Design Construction

Markus Dworowy of Rudi’s Tile & Design Construction, is a second generation German Master Tile Setter and Craftsman. He started in the industry when he was just ten, learning the trade from his father back in Germany. When Markus came to the United States, he brought decades of experience, and his love of ARDEX products, with him.















Dworowy used ARDEX products throughout this small, elegantly-executed bathroom in Arlington Heights, Illinois. He used ARDEX X 77™ MICROTEC® Fiber Reinforced Tile and Stone Mortar​​​​​​, ARDEX FL™ Rapid Set, Flexible, Sanded Grout and ARDEX SX™ 100% Silicone Sealant for Tile and Stone Applications for shower surround. On the floor the products used were: ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard® Self-Leveling Underlayment​ for Interior Wood and Concrete Subfloors, ARDEX X 77™ MICROTEC® Fiber Reinforced Tile and Stone Mortar as well as ARDEX FL™ and ARDEX SX™.

“We have been using all ARDEX products since the 1980s, in Germany.” Markus explains. “We always have fun using ARDEX’ products, because we don’t have to worry about any issues or failures.”

Sometimes Markus gets to step outside the box of his normal tile-setting and try something a little more unique – like this stunning penny wall. How, exactly, did he get all those pennies lined up? Well, let’s just say he relied upon his more than 25 years of experience.

The penny wall, located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was 200 sq. ft. and he used ARDEX X 77™ MICROTEC® Fiber Reinforced Tile and Stone Mortar in gray and ARDEX WA™ High Performance, 100% Solids Epoxy Grout and Adhesive​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ in cast iron. (For non-standard applications, we always recommend contacting ARDEX’ technical experts for guidance.)

“Every job has its challenges,” he says, “but we have a lot of fun in creating something unique. It’s always amazing to see the final results and the reaction of the clients.”

The Art of Putting Pieces Together: Fabulous Mosaics

Self-taught artist Fabrice Allen composes stunning tile and glass mosaics. He started this lion with a statue made from a resin mold.

“All of the mirror glass [pieces] were hand cut from big sheets to the small pieces you see on the finished product,” he explains.

Allen used ARDEX S 48™ Rapid-Set Mortar / Mastic Hybrid​​ to adhere the hand-cut glass pieces. The whole project took about a year, as he worked on other projects at the same time.

“I love using ARDEX,” Allen says, “It is my go to when I want to be confident I am getting a superior bond.”

You can see more of Allen’s work, which includes many portrait mosaics, on his Facebook page, Fabulous Mosaics.

Learn more about ARDEX S 48 here. Call 1-888-512-7339 to reach your friendly local ARDEX Sales Professional.

West Coast Style: Icon Tile and Design

Icon Tile and Design recently completed the entire floor and subfloor of a Bellevue Towers condo in Bellevue, Washington. The project was about 1,000 sq. ft. and they used a host of ARDEX products, including: ARDEX P 51™ Primer, ARDEX SKM™ Skimcoat Patch & Finishing Underlayment, ARDEX FEATHER FINISH® Self-Drying, Cement-Based Finish Underlayment​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, ARDEX V 1200™ Self-leveling Underlayment, ARDEX X 5™ Flexible Tile and Stone Mortar, ARDEX X 77™ MICROTEC® Fiber Reinforced Tile and Stone, ARDEX FL™ Rapid Set, Flexible, Sanded Grout, ARDEX DUSTFREE Dust-Reducing Unit for ARDEX Mixing Barrels and ROVER® Rolling Barrel Cart.

Icon Tile & Design co-owner Jamen Matthews said, “This project was very complex and challenging for us. We had to create a new flat subfloor with several transitions and height considerations.”

He continued, “Setting with ARDEX X 77 is a dream – it’s high-yield, creamy consistency and strength give it such versatility.”

Jamen and Co-owner and Operator Chanel Carrizosa have been in the industry for over 20 years.  Chanel was recognized as a 2017 Coverings Rock Star, an emerging leaders program that honors young talent in the tile and stone industry.


Red Rock Contractors: Making a Splash with Glass Tile

This week’s featured tile install is a stunning pool located in Gilbert, Arizona. It was recently completed by Red Rock Contractors and Red Rock Pools, with the help of installer Alpentile Glass Tile Pools and Spas. The pool has roughly 2500 sq. ft. of Oceanside Glasstile. ARDEX 8+9™ Rapid Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Compound was used as a waterproofing and fracture membrane under the glass tile. They also used ARDEX X 77™ MICROTEC® Fiber Reinforced Tile and Stone Mortar​​​​​​ and ARDEX FL™ Rapid Set, Flexible, Sanded Grout.

Rick Chafey, co-owner of Red Rock Contractors and Red Rock Pools since 1998, is a Master Member of the Society of Watershape Designers, as well as a faculty member and instructor for Genesis 3 Inc.

Maris Tile: Rock Solid Installations with an Edge

Ulas Maris is a CTEF Certified Tile Installer and has been in the tiling industry for nearly 20 years. In 2004 he formed Maris Tile PRO and hasn’t looked back since.

Maris is currently working on  a massive project in Westhampton Beach, New York, that includes a master bathroom, four guest bathrooms, a powder room, a laundry room and a cabana floor. He’ll also be installing a kitchen backsplash and a fireplace. His installation pictures reveal many different types of tiles, making each space unique.

Throughout his work he’s been using ARDEX 8+9™ Rapid Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Compound to waterproof wet areas. To set tiles he uses ARDEX X 5™ Flexible Tile and Stone Mortar.

Maris says, “ARDEX..makes my installs rock solid and beautiful. All my clients have peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.”

To view even more of Ulas Maris’ stunning work, check out his website, www.maristile.com.

Stunning Five-Day Bathroom Install with ARDEX Products

When you see installations by Carl Leonard of Cutting Edge Tile, Inc, you can’t help but be amazed. Elegant and sophisticated – like this bathroom he collaborated on with George Maniera of New Age Stone. He was contracted by Thompson Remodeling and used ARDEX products throughout.

“We provide our clients with a 20-year guarantee,” he explained, “so only the best materials will do,” Leonard stated.

The bathroom tile installation, located in Hillsborough, New Jersey, took just five working days to complete.

“Using high quality products like ARDEX allows us to cut time, increase productivity and ensure a long-lasting, maintenance free installation,” Leonard explains.

They used ARDEX X 5™ white thinset to adhere the heated uncoupling membrane to the floor, followed by ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard® to protect the wires and provide a flat surface for the floor tile.

In the shower area walls, pan and exterior walls, they used ARDEX X 5 white thinset to adhere the tiles, and used ARDEX FL™ for all grout work.

When asked what was the most difficult part of the job, Leonard replied, “There weren’t really any tough parts. We love using ARDEX products, they make difficult situations a breeze!”

Cutting Edge Tile, Inc. is a family-owned and operated 3rd generation kitchen and bathroom remodeler and tile installer.

Unique Mosaics Shows ARDEX Pride…#TileTuesday

Angie Halford

Angie Halford and her WINNING Mosaic Masterpiece! Photo credit:Melissa Keel

When Global Tile Posse Facebook Group admin Jason McDaniel came up with a contest challenge for members to show their ARDEX pride, Unique Mosaics owner Angie Halford rose to the occasion. The rules were simple: the projects MUST be done by hand, no waterjet or CNC, and they must use tile or stone & incorporate ARDEX in some way.

Putting more than 150 hours of work in, Angie created a masterpiece!  This piece is a self-portrait, 26″x26″,mixed media mosaic using the direct method. Angie used vitreous glass tile, glitter tile, iridescent tiles, millefiori and stained glass  on backerboard with ARDEX FG-C Unsanded Grout in Black Licorice.

We asked her what her favorite thing about ARDEX tiling products is, and here is what she had to say:

«ARDEX products have always been a trustworthy and reliable product for each job I use them for. I have tried other brands, but it is obvious when I use ARDEX that I am getting a top-of-the-line quality result, and for that reason, I absolutely love using ARDEX!»

Photo by Melissa Keel

Photo credit:Melissa Keel

Photo by Melissa Keel

Photo credit:Melissa Keel

Special thanks to the Global Tile Posse and Angie for their ARDEX PRIDE!