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 ​Environmental Commitment

ARDEX prides itself in leading the industry in providing high-performance solutions for substrate preparation, concrete repair, flooring, resurfacing, and tile & stone installations. We have the industry’s largest technical support and training presence  across North America in order to maximize opportunities to provide education to industry professionals. Through the close relationships we have built with installers, distributors, architects and engineers, we ourselves have learned a tremendous amount about industry trends, to include Environmental Sustainability and Green Building. Some of the most common industry trends include the following:

  • Carb​​on Footprint - Every aspect of manufacturing has an impact on the environment, known as the Carbon Footprint. ARDEX and W.W. HENRY work to decrease the impact of its products in two ways.

1.     Develop its many manufacturing locations in order to regionally source raw materials. By extracting and producing products closer to the end user, ARDEX and W.W. HENRY cut down on the emissions related to transportation.

2.     Creating durable, high-quality products that are properly applied lets ARDEX and W.W. HENRY ensure that products last a very long time. A long lasting product has a relatively low carbon footprint since it does not need constant maintenance and replacement.

  • Recyc​ling / Using Recyclable Materials – ARDEX and W.W. HENRY work to recycle their paper and plastic products, and also have a program for recycling electronic waste. We also utilize recycled plastic in our buckets and pails. Regarding the use of recycled ingredients in products, note that ARDEX and W.W. HENRY have a strict tolerance when it comes to raw ingredients. In order to develop high-quality products, high-quality raw materials are needed. The unpredictable purity and possible contamination in many recycled ingredients can negatively affect the quality of ARDEX and W.W. HENRY products.
  • Ingredient Disclosure / Transparency – ARDEX and W.W. HENRY disclose their ingredients as per the Globally Harmonized System’s requirements for hazard communication. This information can be found on our Safety Data Sheets, as well as our Health Product Declarations. We do not wish to disclose our entire formula, but we do disclose information on any and all materials that are determined to be potentially harmful to workers, installers, end-users, and the environment.
  • Human Health & Safety – ARDEX and W.W. HENRY utilize best practices when it comes to safety, both at our own facilities and out in the field.

o   ARDEX and W.W. HENRY products have VOC contents that are among the lowest in the industry, and several of our adhesives are formulated with no VOC’s. Our products are also frequently specified for hospitals, schools, hotels, and other areas where air quality and safety are of utmost importance.

o    ARDEX and W.W. HENRY are very transparent regarding their products. Our warnings on packages, installation instructions, and safety data sheets disclose all of the information necessary to make safe and healthy decisions regarding the selection and installation of our products.​

o   ARDEX and W.W. HENRY boast an excellent safety record at its manufacturing facilities, seldom experiencing any lost time accidents. This success is attributed to the training and attention to detail practiced by workers in ARDEX and W.W. HENRY facilities.

o   We also constantly promoting personal health, such as diet, exercise, and well-being to our employees across North America. For these reasons, ARDEX has been named the #1 Healthiest Employer of Western PA!

  • Sustainability Certification & Documentation – As the Green Building industry grows in popularity, there are becoming more and more environmental programs that are gaining traction. Due to the popularity of programs like LEED, Living Building Challenge, and BREEAM, ARDEX and W.W. HENRY have worked to develop multiple types of documentation to continue to allow its products to stay specified at the tops of their respective classes.

o   HPD – ARDEX and W.W. HENRY make Health Product Declarations available for all of its products.

o   EPD – We are working with the TCNA and other manufacturers to develop the first Environmental Product Declaration for cementitious mortars and grouts. This means that tile installation systems, including the installation materials and the tile itself, will be the first multi-product system to make EPD’s available..

o   SCS Global Services – We have had several of our adhesives tested and approved as FloorScore® certified.​

​​As environmental sustainability trends continue to work their way into construction practices, we encourage feedback from our customers to help us stay on top of these trends. We are willing to work upon request to provide additional information regarding our products. If you have questions or comments regarding the environmental aspects of our products, we encourage you to contact Steven Newbrough at 724-203-5445 or email