ARDEX Surfaces

Commercial and Residential Solutions

ARDEX Surfaces

  • Provide consistent, smooth floor with unique finish
  • Variety of solutions to match existing floors or create a new, unique look
  • Self-drying, high-performance products that install quickly

ARDEX Surfaces allow for a wide array of finished surfaces that install fast thanks to an exclusive self-drying technology, and last for decades. When installed over properly prepared substrates, they provide a consistent, smooth and flat floor with a unique appearance. ARDEX Surfaces are flooring toppings that range from turn-key pour and seal to designer or artistic floors that can match any designer’s vision. When you install ARDEX Surfaces, you’ll have a beautiful, durable floor for years to come.

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ARDEX Surfaces General Overview

Watch the video below to meet Craig, a member of your ARDEX Surfaces team, and hear more about the selection of ARDEX Surfaces available to you. Want to see the floor before you install? Want to hear insider tips about successful installations? This is the video for you!

ARDEX Surfaces Top 5 FAQs

This edition of the ARDEX Ask the Expert series features Craig covering the top 5 FAQs about ARDEX Surfaces. Learn what ARDEX recommends for best installation practices, as well as insider tips to make your next install of an ARDEX Finished Surface even easier.



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Tim Ellison and Craig Morris

Tim Ellison (left) and Craig Morris have decades of experience in the flooring industry. Now they’re ready to use their expertise to answer your questions about ARDEX Surfaces. Looking to grow your business? Want to spec a polished concrete floor? Tim and Craig want to talk to you, send them a message to get started.

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