ARDEX Surfaces

Overlays and Toppings

Overlays and Toppings

Overlays and Toppings

ARDEX Surfaces allow for a wide array of finished surfaces that install fast thanks to an exclusive self-drying technology, and last for decades. The flooring toppings range from turn-key pour and seal to designer or artistic floors that can match any designer’s vision. When you install ARDEX Surfaces, you’ll have a beautiful, durable floor for years to come.

Choose from a variety of installation and design options:

  • Pour & Seal: ARDEX K 520, ARDEX K 301
  • Pour & Polish: ARDEX K 520, ARDEX K 521, ARDEX K 523
  • Premium Toppings: ARDEX PC-T, ARDEX SD-T®
  • Micro-Toppings: ARDEX SD-M

Technical Update > Recommendation Clarifications for Pre-Leveling Beneath ARDEX Toppings

View all of our offerings in the ARDEX Surfaces brochure: