Tile & Stone Installation Systems

TLT™ Shower Systems

TLT™ Shower Systems

  • Premium and high performance shower bases, drain kits, building panels and waterproofing accessories.

TLT™ Shower Systems

The ARDEX TLT Shower Systems provide a simple, all-in-one solution that sets new standards.  It can be installed easily, quickly, and securely.  Thanks to sophisticated technology and high-quality materials, consumers will be able to enjoy a shower system which provides both high durability and excellent sealing properties.

The highly-rigid structure of the ARDEX TLT Building Panels offer a strong, lightweight, waterproof and vapor-resistant tile base for wet areas, while the pre-sloped, waterproof shower bases are designed with a patented, built-in drain assembly, making tiled shower installations quicker and easier than traditional installations.

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