ARDEX TLT™ Product Warranty

ARDEX TLT™ 10-Year Single Product Warranty

ARDEX, L.P. warrants that if ARDEX TLT™ Backerboard and ARDEX TLTShower Bases prove to have manufacturing defects and ARDEX is notified of such within 10 years following substantial completion of the work, ARDEX will replace the defective, aforementioned product F.O.B. factory. Such product replacement shall constitute the sole and exclusive remedy for any claim under this warranty. ARDEX does not authorize anyone, including ARDEX Representatives, to make any statements, which may supersede, modify or supplement the information provided on its printed literature or package labels without written confirmation from the ARDEX Technical Service Department. Any installations proceeding without this confirmation, or mis-installations of the product, will void the warranty. This warranty also does not cover improper or defective installation of the sealer or coating products that are not manufactured by ARDEX; improper maintenance of the finished installation that results in aesthetic and/or performance problems; substrate failure resulting in the delamination of the ARDEX product(s) and/or failure of the finished installation; cracks that develop after the application of the ARDEX product(s) that are a result of the substrate and/or substrate movement.