ARDEX Concrete Management Systems™ (ACMS)


ARDEX Concrete Management Systems™ (ACMS)

ARDEX Concrete Management System ACMS Installation

ARDEX Concrete Management Systems™ (ACMS)

ARDEX Concrete Management Systems™ (ACMS) is a patented (US Patent 8,857,130 B1), specified finishing method for new concrete construction that addresses challenges like moisture, flatness and levelness. It is comprised of seven steps, and includes an integrated system of moisture control and self-leveling underlayment products. ACMS resolves issues that arise during construction due to the disparity between Division 3 (concrete) and Division 9 (finishes). It can narrow the slab cure window to just a few days.

The ACMS rough screed process option can be combined with ARDIFLO™ pumping systems, allowing you to meet the most demanding flatness and levelness tolerances for flooring and other interior trades.

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ACMS Specifications

Hydraulic Cement Underlayments for Use with ACMS

Moisture Vapor Emission Control with ARDEX ACMS™

Cast-In-Place Concrete with ARDEX ACMS™ Early MC Application