Exterior Tile & Stone Systems


Exterior Tile & Stone Systems

  • Architects, landscape designers, contractors and installation professionals can now confidently specify tile and stone in outdoor spaces without fear of the inherent risks commonly associated with installations outdoors.

Exterior Tile & Stone Systems

Beautiful aesthetics combined with the long-term durability of tile and stone has led to enhanced popularity for outdoor installations. Especially in today’s health-conscious environment, outdoor spaces are now even more desirable in residential and commercial settings.

The caveat is that exterior installations are subject to harsh weather and difficult environments. Issues such as efflorescence, staining, discoloring, cracked joints and disbonding are commonplace in outdoor installations. These problems are primarily caused by sedentary or evaporating water and moisture vapor.

ARDEX Exterior Tile & Stone Systems include Drainage and Pedestal Systems, Veneer Stone Systems, and Concrete Restoration Systems. It’s your choice; address weather, water and moisture-related issues with time-proven ARDEX Exterior Tile & Stone Systems upfront or be prepared to manage maintenance and costly call backs later!

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