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ARDEX Americas

About Us

We are the leading solution and service provider of innovative building systems.

Recognized by installation experts, ARDEX Americas is the leading solution and service provider of innovative building systems. We develop, manufacture and distribute high-performance specialty building products for all aspects of substrate preparation, floor covering, tile and stone installation systems and architectural concrete systems for commercial and residential applications. A family owned company, ARDEX leads through local customer interaction striving for excellence in all that we do. We ensure the job gets done right the first time, to specification and on schedule, minimizing risk and costly callbacks.

We are the leading solution and service provider of innovative building systems.


ARDEX is committed to being a system solution provider. We strive for market leadership in defined markets worldwide. We believe that all employees and partners should operate within a spirit of fairness, transparency and responsible business practices at all times.  Employees are the foundation on which we build our business. Sustainable, long-term growth objectives underpin all of our various activities. We are committed to building a better future by reducing our carbon footprint and maximizing our sustainability in areas of product development, manufacturing and consumer health and safety.

We stand behind all of our products with industry-unique warranty systems to include products and labor costs.

Family-owned business

As a family-owned company we encourage the development of team spirit and identification with the culture of the business.  We are proud of our history.


Pictured above is the home of ARDEX’ founders, and our first product, which was created in the basement laboratory.


ARDEX can trace its roots back from 1949 to the foundation of NORWAG-Werke GmbH in Witten, Germany. Since then the Group has grown steadily to be a leading player in markets around the world with 53 subsidiaries and 3,000 employees in over 100 countries.


Forty years ago, ARDEX Americas entered the US market with America’s first self-leveling cement underlayment. ARDEX K 15® took the industry by storm. The then-revolutionary, self-leveling technology delivered a faster, more efficient solution than any other product available on the market.


Our spirit of innovation carried into the second decade in the form of Self-Drying technology. Compared to traditional concrete, ARDEX engineered cements with this technology used the majority of the water in the mix for hydration, cutting cure times to a fraction of the time required for other cements.


The third decade was a time for growth. ARDEX needed to relocate, we had outgrown our Coraopolis facilities. A brand new, picturesque campus, featuring a warehouse, factory, research and development, administrative and academy buildings, was established in nearby Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

In 2000, ARDEX Americas expanded its solution offerings with the purchase of the W.W. Henry Company. HENRY® is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of adhesives for all types of flooring installations, and with the purchase came an entire line of high-performing, innovative products and three manufacturing facilities. The two companies shared a commitment to excellence and customer service, a culture of innovation. It was a natural fit.

This decade also marked the launch of ARDEX Moisture Control Systems.


Internationally, ARDEX has long been in the business of manufacturing tile and stone installation system products that outperform competitors. Introducing our comprehensive line of German-engineered tile and stone products became a focal point this decade. From subfloor preparation, and waterproofing, to uncoupling systems, mortars and grouts, ARDEX Americas offers everything you need to make even a potentially tricky installation go smoothly.

With the introduction of well over a hundred new products, it has also become a decade dedicated to plant expansions. And even as ARDEX grows, increasing our product offerings and opening new locations, our culture remains the same. We’re deeply committed to not just providing innovative, high-performing products, but providing the solutions that you need.