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 ARDEX Americas Breakthrough Concrete Finishing Innovation

Construction pros know that concrete’s inherent properties present challenges from slab curl to deflection.  Time dependent changes and moisture vapor emissions can contribute to construction delays, increased labor costs, lack of accountability even a failed finished floor.

ARDEX, the global leader that developed ARDEX K 15® Premium Self-Leveling Underlayment and ARDEX FEATHER FINISH®, introduces a revolutionary system to control moisture in new or existing concrete slabs, address tolerance and surface finish issues and eliminate the disparity between Divisions Three and Nine, while expediting construction schedules.

ARDEX Concrete Management System™ (ACMS) addresses these challenges through a new, innovative, specifiable process of finishing method for concrete with an integrated system of moisture control and self-leveling underlayment products.

In new construction applications, the ARDEX Concrete Management Systems saves time and labor by eliminating the traditional steel trowel step in the finishing process. The contractor will only place, consolidate, strike off and bull-float/ re-straighten the surface, then allow the bleed-water to dissipate. Following a wet-cover or liquid membrane cure (3 to 7 day min.) and surface brush blast, a layer of ARDEX self-leveling underlayment is installed either immediately after deflection or during interior build out.

In some cases, ACMS can be installed with an early option, using both an ARDEX Moisture Control epoxy followed by a self-leveling underlayment. This step allows almost immediate installation of finished flooring and mitigates risks due to moisture emissions from the slab. The resulting finish delivers a concrete substrate capable of meeting the most demanding flatness and levelness tolerances for both the flooring and other interior trades, while eliminating unplanned leveling and delays.

The ARDIFLO™ System complements ACMS with pumping platforms that increase installation efficiency.

Leading the ARDIFLO™ System is the POWERFLO® High-Capacity Pump Trailer. POWERFLO pump trailers are designed for outdoor location, eliminating freight elevators, material staging, dust and bag disposal through the use of Super Sacks and utilize a single source for power and water. The POWERFLO has a silo capacity of 22,000 pounds with an articulating knuckle boom crane and remote control hydraulic hatch that make loading Super Sacks a breeze. The POWERFLO pumps 150 feet vertically and 600 feet horizontally on its way to providing a flat and level floor.

For more information, contact your ARDEX Sales Professional at 1-888-512-7339; 1-724-203-5000.