ARDEX Americas Grows Employee Product Training Program

October 17, 2017


Thanks to a robust research and development team, ARDEX Americas launches about 10 new products annually. Add those to the existing lineup of 500+ ARDEX products, and that makes learning about ARDEX products an on-going initiative, even among long-term employees. For a new employee, it can be a daunting task.

To help with this process Jesse David, ARDEX Americas President, recommended to formalize a quarterly product training class available for ARDEX employees across the organization.

“One of our initiatives, Lunch with Leadership, allows me to sit down and really connect with our employees on a regular basis,” Jesse explained. “Everyone consistently expressed great interest in learning more about our products, so we’re happy to add trainings to address that need.”

The first of the quarterly trainings was led by Pat Cunningham, Technical Service Supervisor on October 17, 2017. It included comprehensive classroom and demonstrations of key products across ARDEX product categories including: substrate repair, toppings, exterior, tile and stone and adhesives.

If you’re an ARDEX employee interested in taking part in an upcoming quarterly training, or participating in a Lunch with Leadership, contact Carla Pratt in Human Resources.