ARDEX and Scanalytics Announce Collaboration

November 18, 2021

ARDEX and Scanalytics Announce Collaboration in Smart Flooring for Commercial and Residential Applications

Milwaukee, WI, November 18, 2021 – Scanalytics, a leading provider of smart building technologies and ARDEX, a leader in innovative building solutions, today announced a collaboration in smart flooring that will provide solutions for both commercial and residential buildings.

Scanalytics has developed solutions that address opportunities in the commercial building industry like energy management, fall prevention, occupancy, and workplace analytics using its suite of proprietary sensors and software platform.

“With recent funding from the US Department of Energy, we have considerably advanced our underlying technology to be embeddable in almost any commercial building setting. We have, however, always thought that a natural extension into residential offerings would come with time. The ability to have your home conditioned to respond to your movements and behaviors has been a dream of many for decades. That’s where a partnership with an expert like Ardex comes into play” says Joe Scanlin, Cofounder and CEO of Scanalytics.

The Head of Innovation of ARDEX, Marco Schroeder, also regards the cooperation as tremendously beneficial for the two companies

“As we see Smart Buildings on the rise and a growing demand for intelligent services coming along with that, we strive for built-in innovations and abilities. Joining forces and competencies with Scanalytics will combine both, the data and digital world with future-oriented building solutions. Together, we will be able to bridge pitfalls by offering a complete journey arching from the planning stage, to installation and operations.”

The collaboration will focus on leveraging the existing software, data, and floor sensing technology that Scanalytics has brought to market in commercial buildings alongside the intelligent floor systems ARDEX has developed. The two technologies combined are capable of being installed under soft or hard surfaces, allowing the partnership to offer smart building solutions to both the commercial and residential markets.


About Scanalytics

Powered by a team of scientists and engineers, Scanalytics Inc. is an innovator in urban intelligence and smart building technologies that excels at transforming locations into smart environments. Scanalytics has developed sensor laden sub-flooring technology that algorithmically broadcasts behavioral data like occupancy to issue setbacks to heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting systems, which contribute significantly to improving the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. With capabilities to deploy in both small and large format, the technology can also be expanded into opportunities to measure and improve consumer behavior, security, productivity analytics, work cell optimization, fall detection / prevention, safety, and more. www.scanalyticsinc.com

About ARDEX, A Leading Solution and Service Provider of Innovative Building Systems:

The ARDEX Group is the leading solution and service provider of innovative building systems. As a family-owned business, the company has pursued a sustainable growth path for more than 70 years. ARDEX now has more than 3,900 employees and is present in over 100 countries on all continents, with a virtually comprehensive presence in one of its core markets, Europe. With more than ten major brands, ARDEX generates total sales of more than 930 million EUR worldwide. www.ardex.com