September 1, 2023

Lightweight technology, extremely low tension and ready for flooring in as little as 24 hours: New ARDEX K 34LIGHTWEIGHT, High Flow, Lightweight, Self-Leveling Underlayment combines the best of both worlds using the new ARDEX REVOCEM cement binder system!

Aliquippa (PA), August 31, 2023 – Longer working time, fast setting and virtually no tension: ARDEX has developed a new cement binder system that delivers the advantages of gypsum-based floor leveling materials with the performance properties of Portland cement- and Calcium Aluminate cement-based products. Thanks to ARDEX REVOCEM, an innovative new binder system, installers can prepare even the most challenging substrates to receive new flooring. Work on construction sites is enormously simplified.

The new ARDEX binder system is the latest technology in the innovative ARDEX portfolio and is based on cement that has been refined to a new level. “As a result, products that utilize the REVOCEM technology have longer working times but are still fast setting. Another exciting advantage of products that utilize the REVOCEM technology is that they will exhibit virtually no tension, similar to what is otherwise only possible with gypsum-based materials,” says Jody Proudfit, Category Manager.

ARDEX K 34™ LIGHTWEIGHT is the first product with REVOCEM Technology

The new ARDEX K34™ LIGHTWEIGHT is the first self-leveling underlayment to feature REVOCEM as well as a new lightweight technology that allows installers to pour deeper and faster than ever before. It ensures a particularly high level of application reliability and an enormous acceleration of the process. In addition to being 43% lighter than traditional self-leveling underlayments, ARDEX K 34™ LIGHTWEIGHT has an extended coverage range that can cover 34 sq. ft. at ¼” average depth.

ARDEX K 34™ LIGHTWEIGHT is suitable for the installation of all floor coverings. They can be installed over the ARDEX K 34™ LIGHTWEIGHT in as little as 24 hours.

ARDEX K 34™ LIGHTWEIGHT, the first with REVOCEM technology in the North American market, launches in late summer of 2023. “We are enthusiastic about this technology,” says ARDEX category manager Proudfit. “Because of the benefits that the REVOCEM Technology provides, it will definitely be used in other products, not just self-leveling underlayment’s. In North America, we expect other products to be ready for the market in 2024. With the addition of REVOCEM, ARDEX is already planning future products to further support the flooring community as the innovation leader in this segment.

For more information, visit: https://www.ardexamericas.com/product/ardex-k-34/

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