#FlexBoneFriday Icon Tile and Design’s Conservatorium Project!

February 3, 2017


FlexBone Friday Roll Call! Today, we hear a testimonial from Jamen Matthew, owner of Icon Tile & Design in Washington state.

“Our entire crew are big fans of using ARDEX UI 740™ FLEXBONE® Uncoupling Membrane because it’s lightweight, rolls out and installs easily.

We were recently working on a conservatorium project in the Seattle area. Living and working in the Pacific Northwest has its challenges at times. Varying temperatures and weather conditions combined with homes constructed out of both concrete and wood create a “perfect storm” for structure movement.

I contacted our ARDEX Sales Representative William White and shared our substrate and tile product information. He recommended we use ARDEX UI 740™ FLEXBONE® to uncouple from the substrate and then prefill with ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard® Self-Leveling Underlayment​ for Interior Wood and Concrete Subfloors.

The result? We had a flat surface to work with that met site requirements and was prepared in no time at all. This led to a top quality installation that our customer was elated with. ”

-Jamen Carrizosa, Icon Tile & Design