Introducing FLEXBONE® HEAT In-Floor Heating Systems

ARDEX Introduces FLEXBONE® HEAT In-Floor Heating Systems

ARDEX Americas, a system solution provider for specialty building products, announces the launch of FLEXBONE® HEAT In-Floor Heating Systems.

The most comprehensive, single-source, in-floor radiant heat system, ARDEX FLEXBONE HEAT combines precision German engineering with inspired design. It delivers customizable heat faster, and more efficiently, than any other electric in-floor heating system available.

The ARDEX FLEXBONE HEAT system includes three major components. The ARDEX FLEXBONE HEAT membrane is a 3-in-1 solution for heating, uncoupling and waterproofing. It has 81% less air space under the membrane for faster, and more efficient heating.

The ARDEX FLEXBONE HEAT cables are manufactured to the highest safety and quality standards with aluminum tubing and FEP cable insulation. The cold/hot junction is self-contained in the cable. There are 34 cable sizes available in both 120V or 240V.

Finally, there are three options available in the ARDEX FLEXBONE® HEAT thermostats, including a Wi-Fi enabled option.  Each system includes 2 floor sensors, one with the thermostat and one with the heat cable.

ARDEX FLEXBONE HEAT In-Floor Heating Systems are ideal for all types of tile, stone and other manufacturer-approved floor coverings. “The FLEXBONE HEAT system is an adaptable, energy-efficient solution ideal for any room in your house,” said Russ Gaetano, ARDEX Senior Marketing Manager, Tile & Stone Installation Systems.

When installing the system, you can also qualify for the industry’s most comprehensive, single-source, 10-Year complete system warranty. “ARDEX stands behind all of our products, and we’re proud to offer a warranty with the FLEXBONE HEAT system that will leave you feeling as comfortable as your installation will,” Russ continued.


To learn more about the ARDEX FLEXBONE® HEAT In-Floor Heating Systems, click here.



A Global Innovation Leader in High Performance Specialty Building Materials:
Recognized by installation experts, ARDEX is a global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of high-performance specialty building products for all aspects of substrate preparation, floor covering, tile and stone installation systems and architectural concrete systems for commercial and residential applications. A family owned company, the ARDEX Group leads through local customer interaction striving for excellence in all that we do. For more information about ARDEX Americas: www.ardexamericas.com, or call 724-203-5000.

Lettered to Perfection – Little Tile Guy

This 1200 sq. ft. install, using local slate and wood-look porcelain tiles, is in the Factory Point Place in Manchester, Vermont. The building, a historic bank, is being remodeled to accommodate new businesses. Oliver Ledbetter, owner of Little Tile Guy, LLC, designed and installed all of the tile.

There are two inserts in the tile – one with lettering and the other in a geometric shape designed to mimic the ceiling. Each insert measures 5 feet by 6 feet.

“I got to design these inserts in my head and create them as I went – which was fun. We custom-made the letters and then fit the smaller slate around the accents,” Oliver explains.

He started Little Tile Guy in 2012, and he works alongside his wife, Breanna, to complete all the company installations. Oliver’s been in tile for the entirety of his working life, and after years of trying competitor’s products, he’s settled on ARDEX.

“We love our ARDEX products – after many years of trying all the available brands!” Oliver says.

He used ARDEX X 5™ Flexible Tile and Stone Mortar and ARDEX UI 740™ FLEXBONE® Uncoupling Membrane in the featured bank building slate install.

Check out his website www.littletileguy.com or follow @LittleTileGuy on Instagram, for more of his installs.

Prestige Custom Tile Delivers Quality Installations

Charles Nolan of Prestige Custom Tile, along with his son Caleb Nolan, recently completed a 500+ sq. ft. project in an office building in Indianapolis, Indiana. He completed the bathrooms using ARDEX UI 740™ FLEXBONE® Uncoupling Membrane, ARDEX X 5™ Flexible Tile and Stone Mortar under the FLEXBONE and ARDEX X 77™ MICROTEC® Fiber Reinforced Tile and Stone Mortar to set the tile.

Nolan says, “ARDEX products are made with the consumer and installer both in mind. They give the public great products that perform well and give the installer products that are user-friendly, cut installation times and gives us the peace of mind we need with products that allow us to be more confident in the materials that have been chosen.”

Nolan, who has been tiling for 29 years, is a CTI and is a NTCA State Ambassador for Indiana.

A Tradition of Tiling Excellence, Guaranteed

A Sharper Finish is a one-man business, and Brandon George is happy to keep it that way. “It allows me to focus on quality control of the job. I can’t blame anyone for mistakes. It’s my name on the line and I want it to be a good one,” he explains. George, who lives in Lexington, North Carolina, grew up in the tile business. He joined his father, a tile installer, on job sites until he was about 15 – when he started to do small jobs on his own during summer breaks from school.

Now, fifteen years later, George makes a great effort to satisfy his customers. “I was always taught to take pride in your work,” he explains. “[For every job] I try to explain and educate my customers.” He also gives a 10-year guarantee on his work, making it essential for him to rely on quality products in his installations.

“I’m pretty new to ARDEX FLEXBONE®, but it impressed me. It’s very nice to work with, and it’s now my favorite uncoupling system,” George says. “FLEXBONE and ARDEX X 5™ are my go-tos for all projects.”

This tiled entryway in Winston-Salem, North Carolina was among the first installations that George completed using FLEXBONE. It proves that excellence in your craft isn’t restricted to large, complicated jobs. Quality products and skilled installation methods result in impressive tiling – every time!

Tile Solutions: #FlexBoneFriday

When we asked Tile Solutions owner Jayme Smith what he loves about ARDEX UI 740™ FLEXBONE® Uncoupling Membrane, here’s what he had to say. Jayme recently used FLEXBONE in a beautiful home on Lake Sacandaga, New York.

“My favorite feature is how easy the product fills in compared to its competitors. Couple that with using ARDEX X 77™ ​MICROTEC® Fiber Reinforced Tile and Stone Mortar​​​​​​ [ my go to favorite] it’s a win-win. Of course I recommend this to other installers, as its a premium quality product like many other ARDEX products I’ve used.”


#FLEXBONEFRIDAY Coastal Custom Tile Shares Unique Benefit!

Coastal Custom Tile Owner Jacob Harris and his team recently tried ARDEX UI 740 FLEXBONE in four bathrooms and a laundry room. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Our business is in Outer Banks, North Carolina where very tall homes are common. One of the greatest benefits to using ARDEX UI 740 FLEXBONE is that helps alleviate some of the weight we are putting on 3rd and 4th levels in these homes. We used ARDEX UI 740™ FLEXBONE® Uncoupling Membrane along with the ARDEX AF 207™ Pre-Mixed, Rapid Set Uncoupling Membrane Bonding Adhesive​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ on the floors on a recent residential installation and the products were amazing to work with. ARDEX UI 740 FLEXBONE goes down nicely and is easy to cut and ARDEX AF 207™ offers the ability to adjust the ARDEX UI 740 FLEXBONE with no worry that it will adhere or re-adhere to the subfloor. We have started using this product in many of our residential projects and will continue to do so.”


#FlexBoneFriday- Stellar Contractors Hit the ‘Easy’ Button

#FlexBoneFriday Icon Tile and Design’s Conservatorium Project!

FlexBone Friday Roll Call! Today, we hear a testimonial from Jamen Matthew, owner of Icon Tile & Design in Washington state.

“Our entire crew are big fans of using ARDEX UI 740™ FLEXBONE® Uncoupling Membrane because it’s lightweight, rolls out and installs easily.

We were recently working on a conservatorium project in the Seattle area. Living and working in the Pacific Northwest has its challenges at times. Varying temperatures and weather conditions combined with homes constructed out of both concrete and wood create a “perfect storm” for structure movement.

I contacted our ARDEX Sales Representative William White and shared our substrate and tile product information. He recommended we use ARDEX UI 740™ FLEXBONE® to uncouple from the substrate and then prefill with ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard® Self-Leveling Underlayment​ for Interior Wood and Concrete Subfloors.

The result? We had a flat surface to work with that met site requirements and was prepared in no time at all. This led to a top quality installation that our customer was elated with. ”

-Jamen Carrizosa, Icon Tile & Design

A&D Tile Reviews ARDEX UI 740 FLEXBONE!

This weeks #FlexBoneFriday Feature is… A&D Tile, LLC owner Drew Finch! Drew recently installed ARDEX UI 740™ FLEXBONE® Uncoupling Membrane using  ARDEX AF 207™ Pre-Mixed, Rapid Set Uncoupling Membrane Bonding Adhesive in a residential bathroom​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

In his own words:

ARDEX UI 740™ FLEXBONE® was the flatest laying uncoupling off the roll out of all the different uncoupling options my company has tried. Paired up with ARDEX AF 207™  underlayment glue, this is a win-win installation for installers. ARDEX AF 207™  gives the installer more workable time, savings on weight loads carried in, and much faster uncoupling installations. And in our industry time is money, this product combination is a definite game changer!”


Sawchuk Construction Testifies to ARDEX UI 720™ FLEXBONE®

Sawchuk ConstructionWhen Sawchuk Construction encountered a bathroom floor that previously was flooded, they knew the substrate was in trouble!  What they initially thought was coal in the concrete turned out to be mold. Several more issues mounted on the jobsite. Enter ARDEX UI 720™ FLEXBONE® Floating Uncoupling Membrane. Owner/lead installer Nathan Sawchuk “This membrane offers a client the homeowner some flexibility, they have a secure and warranted installation, with the added benefit of not facing a major renovation should they change their mind or desire a change.”