Cronin Showroom Gets a Remodel!

April 13, 2017

Finished floor

2,000+ square feet of ARDEX UI 720™ FLEXBONE®!

The Cronin Company in Portland Oregon recently remodeled their showroom using 4′ x 5″ Rosse wood-like plank tiles. Pacific Specialty Stoneware installer Terry Hagelberger installed the showroom floor using ARDEX UI 720™ FLEXBONE® Floating Uncoupling Membrane, ARDEX UD 146™ Edge Insulation Strip, ARDEX X 5™ Flexible Tile and Stone Mortar, and ARDEX FL™ Rapid Set, Flexible, Sanded Grout in Gray Dusk!

“Installing flexbone for easy removal when needing to remodel”, was a key factor for Terry and Pacific Specialty on choosing ARDEX FLEXBONE®!