Technical Services

Technical Services

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ARDEX has the most reliable and experienced technical service professionals in the industry. ARDEX Technical Service Consultants are available on the phone from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, EST, or in the field. Your local ARDEX Americas Sales Professionals and Technical Field Specialists provide a guaranteed 24-hour jobsite response time. The ARDEX Americas Technical Services Team provides product and installation recommendations based on decades of experience. Technical recommendations can be provided in writing when required for all types installation environments.

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Technical Updates:

Our technical team does review, and sometimes, revise their recommendations for our products. They then issue a technical update on that product. Listed below are current technical updates, which you can search by product, date, or other search term. You can also find the relevant technical updates under the downloads tab on each relevant product page.

To learn more about our technical department, scroll down to meet our technical team, learn about OSHA/Silica standard compliance and read about our philosophy, Proper Prep.

  • Shelf Life Extension for ARDEX K 60™ Liquid
    We are pleased to announce that, after extensive in-house testing, we are extending the shelf life of ARDEX K 60 Liquid to 9 months (previously 6 months) for unopened, properly stored containers. This will confirm that the 9-month shelf life applies to all current and future stock of unopened, properly stored ARDEX K 60 Liquid.
  • ARDEX ARDIFIX™ Recommendation
    We are writing to clarify our recommendations for using ARDEX ARDIFIX to fill dormant cracks and dormant joints prior to the installation of flooring materials. Where an ARDEX underlayment and finish flooring will be installed, ARDEX ARDIFIX must be sand broadcasted to refusal while fresh. The sand broadcasted surface of the ARDEX ARDIFIX is required to create a bonding surface for the ARDEX underlayment.
  • ARDEX MC™ RAPID for Epoxy Coatings and Epoxy Terrazzo
    We are pleased to announce that, after extensive testing, we are expanding our recommendations to allow for the installation of high-build epoxy coating systems and epoxy terrazzo systems directly over ARDEX MC RAPID™. Note the following conditions:
  • ARDEX SX™ Traffic Recommendations
    We are writing to clarify suitable traffic conditions for areas where ARDEX SX™ 100% Silicone Sealant for Tile and Stone Applications is used. ARDEX SX is suitable to receive pedestrian traffic in residential and light commercial applications. Please note that ARDEX SX is not recommended for floor installations in heavy commercial applications, such as airports and shopping malls. However, ARDEX SX is suitable for use in non-traffic areas and on walls in heavy commercial applications.
  • ARDEX P 51™ Dry Time Clarification
    We are writing to clarify that the dry time for ARDEX P 51 will vary with jobsite conditions and could be as little as 30 minutes. As with any waterborne material, ARDEX P 51 drying times are affected by specific jobsite conditions. Higher temperatures, good air flow and low humidity will accelerate dry times. Conversely, drying times may be extended for projects where temperatures are low, air flow is poor and/or humidity is high.
  • ARDEX UI 720™ FLEXBONE® Recommendation
    We are writing to clarify our recommendations for installing ARDEX UI 720 FLEXBONE over adhesive residue. If the adhesive residue is tacky, spread a polyethylene cleavage membrane or slip sheet (min. 4 mil thickness) over top prior to installing ARDEX UI 720 FLEXBONE. This will prevent the floating membrane from sticking to the adhesive.
  • ARDEX Products and Dew Point
    Dew point is the temperature at which moisture in the air condenses and forms liquid water on surfaces. This temperature varies based on site conditions. Every space, whether exterior or interior, acclimated or not, has a dew point. In exterior as well as non-acclimated, interior spaces, the chances of being close to dew point are much greater. On the other hand, when an area is enclosed and acclimated (HVAC operating properly), it is not likely that dew point will be reached. For example, in a space with a temperature of 70°F and an ambient humidity of 50%, the dew point for the space is 50°F.
  • Use of ARDEX Tile and Stone Products Over AdvanTech
    Previously, ARDEX Tile & Stone Products were not recommended for direct bond installations over AdvanTech subfloor panels. However, we are pleased to announce that, after extensive in-house testing and the release of an updated manufacturer’s recommendation, we are approving the use of certain ARDEX Tile & Stone Products over AdvanTech subfloor panels, as detailed below.
  • ARDEX Products and OSHA Silica Standard Housekeeping Guidelines
    We are writing to clarify our recommendations for the installation of ARDEX products with consideration to the new OSHA Standard on crystalline silica. For complete information on the new OSHA regulations, visit The recommendations detailed below are the result of independent, third-party air quality monitoring tests and are in accordance with OSHA Silica Standard Housekeeping Guidelines. Affected technical data sheets will be revised accordingly.
  • Pre-Leveling with ARDEX ECRS Mortars
    We are writing to clarify our recommendations for using ARDEX TRM, ARDEX FDM, ARDEX FDX or ARDEX FP (hereafter referred to as “ECRS mortar”) beneath ARDEX underlayments, toppings, dressings or sealers.