Technical Services

Technical Services

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ARDEX has the most reliable and experienced technical service professionals in the industry. ARDEX Technical Service Consultants are available on the phone from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, EST, or in the field. Your local ARDEX Americas Sales Professionals and Technical Field Specialists provide a guaranteed 24-hour jobsite response time. The ARDEX Americas Technical Services Team provides product and installation recommendations based on decades of experience. Technical recommendations can be provided in writing when required for all types installation environments.

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Technical Updates:

Our technical team does review, and sometimes, revise their recommendations for our products. They then issue a technical update on that product. Listed below are current technical updates, which you can search by product, date, or other search term. You can also find the relevant technical updates under the downloads tab on each relevant product page.

To learn more about our technical department, scroll down to meet our technical team, learn about OSHA/Silica standard compliance and read about our philosophy, Proper Prep.

  • ARDEX SD-M™ Substrates that can affect the Performance of the Finish Installation
    In both aesthetics and durability, ARDEX SD-M™ Designer Floor Finish™ has proven to be a strong performer for providing a skim coat finish for concrete and other recommended substrates. This includes solid, non-porous substrates when used with the appropriate primer, as well as ARDEX Toppings or Underlayments where the substrate below would allow the ARDEX SD-M to perform as expected. However, it has come to our attention that ARDEX SD-M is also being installed over ARDEX Underlayments where the substrate below does not allow for maximum performance of a thin layer topping. These problematic substrates include gypsum, wood and adhesive residues.
  • ARDEX BACA Recommendation
    We are writing to clarify our recommendations for installing ARDEX BACA. For all applications, ARDEX BACA must be allowed to dry to the touch prior to placement of the repair mortar or concrete. The mortar or concrete must then be placed within 24 hours.
  • ARDEX Tile Mortar Thicknesses over Membranes
    We are writing to confirm our thickness recommendations when installing ARDEX tile mortars over membranes. This will confirm that, when being installed over liquid-applied membranes, such as ARDEX 8+9 or ARDEX S 1-K, sheet membranes, such as ARDEX SK 175, or bonded uncoupling membranes, such as ARDEX UI 740 FLEXBONE, ARDEX tile mortars must be installed at a maximum thickness of 3/8" (3/4” x 3/4” notch trowel).
  • ARDEX ARDIFIX™ Packaging and Recommendation
    Packaging: ARDEX ARDIFIX will now be available as a 2 gallon unit that contains 1 gallon each of parts A and B. This size will be offered in addition to the 22 oz. dual-cartridge dispenser. Mixing and Application: The 2 gallon unit has its own mixing and application instructions.
  • ARDEX Tile Setting Materials over Membranes in Exterior Applications
    We are writing to confirm our recommendations for the use of ARDEX tile setting materials on substrates where membranes such as ARDEX 8+9, Schluter Ditra and Schluter Kerdi are installed in an exterior application. This will confirm that our recommended tile setting materials for installation over ARDEX 8+9 and other approved membranes on exterior, horizontal substrates are ARDEX X 78, ARDEX FB 9 L, ARDEX X 32 and ARDEX X 90.
  • APCS Installation Environments
    We are writing to clarify suitable installation environments for APCS applications. APCS applications are used with great success in interior, dry environments that receive foot traffic and/or minimal rubber-wheeled traffic, such as retail shops, showrooms, residences and office lobbies.
  • ARDEX UI 720 FLEXBONE Suitable Applications
    We are writing to clarify our recommendations for ARDEX UI 720 FLEXBONE. ARDEX UI 720 is intended for use in light commercial and residential applications that will not be subjected to high rolling loads, heavy pedestrian traffic or hose cleaning. Suitable applications include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:
  • ARDEX Underlayments and RH Readings Above 90
    It has come to our attention that floor covering and adhesive manufacturers are approving their materials for installation over concrete with relative humidity levels up to 100%. While we historically have deferred to the flooring manufacturer to determine whether moisture mitigation is needed prior to installing an ARDEX underlayment, there now are exceptions to that policy. We first confirmed this via a technical update in June 2012, attached below for your reference. As an addendum to Update 12, we are asking you to contact the Technical Department if ARDEX underlayments or toppings are being considered for installation over concrete in conjunction with any adhesive or floor covering that is approved for installation at relative humidity levels above 90%. This not only will help us ensure your success by providing a sound recommendation but also will help us stay informed on this emerging market trend. We appreciate your help with this.
  • ARDEX Underlayments and Non-Porous Substrates
    We are writing to confirm our recommendations for ARDEX underlayments installed over ARDEX MC RAPID and other suitable non-porous substrates. As detailed in the charts below, several ARDEX underlayments can now be installed at a maximum thickness of 1/2” in these applications. Note that this results in fewer ARDEX MC RAPID applications requiring a sand broadcast, which is a positive change in light of the new OSHA regulations on crystalline silica.