Technical Services

Technical Updates

Technical Updates

Technical Updates:

Our Technical Services department monitor installation trends, to ensure that our recommendations are optimized for your success. It is sometimes required to adapt our existing recommendations. Current technical updates are listed below and can be searched by product, date or other search term.

Are you preparing for an ARDEX product installation? We recommend reviewing the technical data sheet and technical updates for each product prior to installation. Then, contact us to meet your local sales representative and obtain a job-specific recommendation for your project!

  • RH and pH Maximums Information for HENRY Adhesives
    We are pleased to announce that, as a result of extensive testing, all HENRY carpet and HENRY multi-purpose carpet and felt-back sheet adhesives are now rated for 90% RH (several were formerly 85% RH).
  • ARDEX K 60 ARDITEX Over Wood Substrates
    In response to market feedback, and subsequent to extensive in-house and field testing, we are pleased to announce that ARDEX K 60 can now be installed over properly prepared wood substrates.
  • ARDEX, HENRY Adhesives and Gypsum Substrates
    Gypsum substrates must be primed prior to receiving ARDEX and HENRY adhesives. The use of a primer ensures that the adhesive will have sufficient open time and working time.
  • Shelf Life Extension for ARDEX PC-T™ and ARDEX SD-T®
    The shelf life of ARDEX PC-T and ARDEX SD-T is extended to 9 months (previously 6 months) for unopened, properly stored bags.
  • Warm Weather Installation Guidelines
    We are writing to clarify our recommendations for the installation of ARDEX and W.W. Henry materials (to include patching, leveling, tiling and ARDEX Engineered Concrete Repair Systems materials) during periods of warmer weather. In accordance with the Portland Cement Association, “…if the temperature… will exceed 77°F, a plan should be developed to negate the effects of high temperature.” There are four temperatures that need to be checked: air, substrate, material and water. Knowing these temperatures and employing the installation guidelines described below will help ensure the desired results are achieved.
  • Recommendations for Resin-Backed Tiles
    We are writing to clarify our recommendations for the installation of resin-backed tiles using ARDEX tile mortars. There are two options for this application: 1) onsite testing can be completed, or 2) a recommendation can be provided by the ARDEX Technical Service Department once the tile in question has been tested.
  • APCS Cleaning and Maintenance Procedures
    We are writing to share our recommended cleaning and maintenance procedures for the ARDEX Polished Concrete System (APCS) products. These procedures are detailed below.
  • Shelf Life Extension for ARDEX K 60™ Liquid
    We are pleased to announce that, after extensive in-house testing, we are extending the shelf life of ARDEX K 60 Liquid to 9 months (previously 6 months) for unopened, properly stored containers. This will confirm that the 9-month shelf life applies to all current and future stock of unopened, properly stored ARDEX K 60 Liquid.
  • Peaking and Curling of Solid Vinyl Tile and Plank
    Throughout the flooring industry, peaking and curling can be an issue when installing solid vinyl tile and plank. In our line of work, it is important that we understand the nature of these issues not only when resolving claims, but also when making adhesive recommendations prior to installation. To assist, the information below is geared at providing information on the principal causes and considerations for these installations.
  • ARDEX Cleaning and Maintenance Guidelines
    By routinely cleaning your floor properly, you will maximize its performance, appearance, and slip resistance. If you have a floor cleaning service, make sure they are instructed according to this guide.