Case Studies

Rafael Hernández Airport – Aguadilla, PR

Needed fast-track solution for runway repair with limited window of opportunity


The joint on the primary landing runway needed repairs but a window of only eight and a half hours was available to cut and prepare the concrete, install the repair and achieve sufficient resistance to reopen the runway to air traffic.

Installer: Desarrolladora J A

Contractor: Cooper Sons

Featured Products:

ARDEX TRM™ Transportation Repair Mortar

ARDEX BACA™ Bonding & Anti-Corrosion Agent


  • Deteriorated concrete joint on the primary landing runway
  • Limited time to complete the repair
  • The repair required extremely fast strength gain in order to reopen the runway


Achieving a compressive strength of 4,600 psi (323 kg/cm2) in just six hours, ARDEX TRM™ with ARDEX BACA™ was the perfect fast-track solution. The local ARDEX Team, Alex Rivera and Danny Torres, worked hand in hand with Carl Roberts of AOR, Desarrolladora J A and Cooper Sons to plan a precision execution with all of the necessary people, tools and product. The result of this team effort was a successful installation that allowed the runway to reopen right on schedule.