Case Studies

Embankment House

Embankment House provides industrial-chic individual living spaces that are architecturally elevated above a historic railroad embankment.


  • Precast planks received a rough-screed concrete topping
  • Topping required self-leveling course to make a flat and smooth surface
  • Fast – track schedule with a two – week deadline

General Contractor

Newport Square NJ Construction, Jersey City, NJ


Poskanzer Skott Architects, Ridgewood, NJ


A-Deck, Inc., Norristown, PA


The building’s precise location is very unique, about twelve feet above the ground, on top of a stone embankment.


To accommodate the required project schedule, A-Deck was able to level 25,000 ft2 at approximately 1/2” per mobilization, pumping ARDEX V 1200™ 75’ vertically and 400’ horizontally. The CUBE® is capable of pumping up to 24,000 pounds / 12,000 ft2 at 1/4” per hour.