Unique Mosaics Shows ARDEX Pride…#TileTuesday

January 31, 2017

Angie Halford

Angie Halford and her WINNING Mosaic Masterpiece! Photo credit:Melissa Keel

When Global Tile Posse Facebook Group admin Jason McDaniel came up with a contest challenge for members to show their ARDEX pride, Unique Mosaics owner Angie Halford rose to the occasion. The rules were simple: the projects MUST be done by hand, no waterjet or CNC, and they must use tile or stone & incorporate ARDEX in some way.

Putting more than 150 hours of work in, Angie created a masterpiece!  This piece is a self-portrait, 26″x26″,mixed media mosaic using the direct method. Angie used vitreous glass tile, glitter tile, iridescent tiles, millefiori and stained glass  on backerboard with ARDEX FG-C Unsanded Grout in Black Licorice.

We asked her what her favorite thing about ARDEX tiling products is, and here is what she had to say:

ARDEX products have always been a trustworthy and reliable product for each job I use them for. I have tried other brands, but it is obvious when I use ARDEX that I am getting a top-of-the-line quality result, and for that reason, I absolutely love using ARDEX!

Photo by Melissa Keel

Photo credit:Melissa Keel

Photo by Melissa Keel

Photo credit:Melissa Keel

Special thanks to the Global Tile Posse and Angie for their ARDEX PRIDE!