Case Studies

Mountain View Mansion

TTMAC Award Winner for "Manufactured Tile and Slabs" and "Project of the Year"

Tile Contractor: LFT Professionals Inc.


  • LFT Professionals largest scale project executed for exterior walls
  • Vastly unpredictable weather in Alberta


LFT Professionals Inc. signed a contract for a prominent project in the Edgemont community. This project consisted of installing flooring, bathroom tile, a spa room, and exterior thin porcelain tile. This was the largest scale project that LFT Professionals Inc. executed for exterior wall cladding/tiling.


Proper Prep

Prior to LFT Professionals Inc.’s involvement on the project, the exterior substrate was prepped for stucco installation, therefore, all flashings and vapor paper from existing substrate had to be removed and replaced with new flashing systems and drip edge. After establishing the proper substrate, all surfaces were primed using ARDEX P 4 Pre-Mixed, Rapid-Drying, Multipurpose Primer. Cement board was then installed using the microfiber reinforced ARDEX X 77™ MICROTEC® Mortar.

All boards were screwed down with concrete board screws every 10″ to center of studs. To address moisture control, seams and corners were taped with ARDEX SK Mesh Tape and the entire surface was waterproofed with three layers of ARDEX 8+9™ Rapid Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Compound. Each layer of membrane was overlapped in a different direction than previous application, to ensure proper installation and completely waterproofed envelope system.


ARDEX X 90 OUTDOOR™ MicroteC3 Rapid-Set, Flexible Tile and Stone Mortar was used to install the Fondavalle Calcatta Gold 6.5mm 63″x126″ porcelain panels that were fabricated on-site and book-matched. The mortar was troweled one direction horizontally with a 15 mm square-notched trowel. Tile backs were also troweled in the same direction to ensure air could properly escape. After the tile was placed, the surface was vibrated to remove any remaining air from behind the tile and to collapse the ridges. This technique was used to achieve full coverage and maximum bond. After the mortar was set, corners were polished and rounded. The installation was completed by grouting with ARDEX WA™ epoxy grout.

Despite the challenges on this project, it was completed to the highest standards possible. Meeting the approval of the design team, the homeowner and the most critical eye of them all, LFT Professionals Inc.