Case Studies

Plattsburgh Housing NY State Housing Authority

Well-bonded VCT that could not be removed in 20 apartment units.

Floors of 20 units needed renovated. The current VCT was to well-bonded to remediate so an underlayment was needed.

Installer/Contractor: Marty’s Carpet


  • 20 apartment units
  • Well-bonded VCT that could not be removed


A housing complex in Plattsburgh, NY owned and operated by the New York State Housing Authority (NYSHA) needed the floors of 20 units renovated. The NYSHA wanted to install new vinyl tile and sheet vinyl flooring. The current VCT in place was too well-bonded to remediate so they needed to install an underlayment before installing the new floor. There were also some concerns the mastic below the VCT may be hot.

A competitor patch was used on several of the units initially but after applying 2 to 3 skimcoats and installing the flooring there was telegraphing through the vinyl.


ARDEX was called to the site to look at the flooring situation. They recommended ARDEX LU 100™ Self-Leveling Concrete Underlayment which is ideal for installation over substrates with existing VCT. ARDEX then did a demo of ARDEX LU 100 in a bedroom of one of the units and the product performed perfectly with no telegraphing. Several units were specified before budgets ran out.

Once budgets were reinstated they went back to trying to skimcoat, but the results were the same with telegraphing. The decision was made to use ARDEX LU 100 on all the units. The contractor and NYSHA learned that it’s less expensive overall to get the job done right with ARDEX the first time… every time!

Because of the excellent performance of ARDEX LU 100 and the service provided by ARDEX, the contractor has done several other ARDEX LU 100 Self-Leveling projects and has also started using HENRY 545 Patch, ARDEX FEATHER FINISH® and HENRY premium adhesives on their installations.