Case Studies

Mountain View Tile Exterior Deck, Vancouver, BC


The substrate for the living space was a tar-based torch roofing membrane. The home builder has had efflorescence and water issues with tiled decks in the past.


Installer – Mountain View Tile – Matt Sutherland
Builder – Feature Projects (Vancouver, BC)
Architect – Design Marque (Vancouver, BC)


Mountain View Tile contacted ARDEX seeking a system to install tile on a 510sq.ft. deck over living space.


ARDEX supported Mountain View Tile with the installation of the ARDEX ProDrain® drainage mat and ARDEX TerraMaxx® cement pedestal drainage systems. The ARDEX ProDrain drainage mat is a passive capillary drainage system that allows water to move through the system, providing maximum protection against efflorescence, fulfilling the wishes of the home builder.

ARDEX TerraMaxx cement pedestals were created with ARDEX X 32™ MICROTEC® mortar to install 24″ x 24″ square porcelain tiles directly onto the ARDEX ProDrain drainage mat. All joints were sealed with ARDEX SX™ 100% silicone sealant for a full system solution.