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 HENRY 422 Fortify

Wet-set Vinyl-backed Flooring Adhesive​​​

For commercial and residential installations of LVT & LVP, solid vinyl tile, plank, and vinyl-backed sheet flooring  
  • Synthetic fiber-reinforced
  • Wet-set/hard-set
  • Reduced LVT and LVP slippage during install
  • Reduced adhesive displacement (knee marks)
  • Use with any vinyl-backed flooring goods (LVT and LVP, homogeneous, heterogeneous)


HENRY® 422 Fortify is a premium, high-strength adhesive with synthetic fibers for the permanent installation of vinyl-backed flooring. As a wet-set adhesive, HENRY 422 Fortify generates high, ultimate bond strength, and also builds strength quickly for challenging vinyl installations while preventing slippage of the flooring and minimizing adhesive displacement. Its versatility and overall performance make it suitable for all formats and sizes of vinyl-backed flooring, including vinyl tile, plank and vinyl-backed sheet.

Bonds To:

On all grade levels: concrete, well-bonded cementitious underlayments, APA-grade underlayment plywood (untreated), radiant-heated subfloors where temperatures do not exceed 85°F (29°C), terrazzo, ceramic tile, metal, certain epoxy coatings and existing, fully-adhered, non-cushion-backed resilient.

Can also be used over well-bonded, properly primed gypsum underlayments (above-grade only).

Refer to the flooring manufacturer's specific recommendations for suitable substrates. Please note that all substrates must be sound, solid and well bonded.

Trowel Recommendations

Porous Substrates
1/16” D x 1/16” W x 1/16” A
117-135 sq. ft./gal.
10.8 - 12.5 sq. m /3.79 L
2.8 - 3.3 sq. m L​
Luxury vinyl tile & plank (LVT & P), solid vinyl tile (SVT) and vinyl-backed sheet flooring

Non-porous surfaces
1/32” D x 1/16” W x 5/64” A
225-240 sq. ft./gal.
20.9 - 22.2 sq. m / 3.79 L
5.5 - 5.9 sq. m / L
Luxury vinyl tile & plank (LVT & P), solid vinyl tile (SVT) and vinyl-backed sheet flooring​


W.W. Henry Company warrants that HENRY 422 Fortify will not break down or lose its cohesive strength due to manufacturing or formulation defect for 20 years from the date of installation, if used for its stated purpose and applied in accordance with the instructions, subject to certain exclusions and limitations set forth in the warranty.


Carefully read and follow all cautions and warnings on the product label.  Refer to the Safety Data Sheet for additional product information.  

Tech Support:  800.232.4832

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