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 HENRY 663

Outdoor Carpet Adhesive​​​​​​​

A “best-in-class” latex adhesive for exterior installations of indoor/outdoor carpet.

  • Water resistant after 5 days
  • Strong initial grab helps reduce edge curl
  • No open time required for immediate installation
  • Long working time for large installations
  • Excellent bond integrity for permanent installations
  • Excellent trowelability
  • Convenient sizes: 1qt or 1gal containers and 4gal pails


HENRY 663 Outdoor Carpet Adhesive is our best latex adhesive for exterior installations of indoor/outdoor carpeting.

Bonds To:

HENRY 663 Outdoor Carpet Adhesive bonds carpet (rubber-, polypropylene-, and non-backed), artificial turf, indoor/outdoor carpet (for outdoor use only) to concrete, asphalt paving and other clean, sound paving surfaces (not asphalt roofing), exterior or marine grade plywood decking which is sound and not subject to deterioration (not plank decking or treated wood), aluminum boat decks (cleaned and roughened), and roughened fiberglass.  Substrates which have been painted, stained, or otherwise coated must be tested to ensure compatibility with the adhesive.

Trowel Recommendations:

Indoor/outdoor carpet and outdoor carpet
1/8” D x 1/8” W x 1/16” A
80-90 sq. ft./gal.
(8-9 sq. yd./gal.)


W.W. Henry Company warrants that HENRY 663 will not break down or lose its cohesive strength due to manufacturing or formulation defect for 10 years from the date of installation, if used for its stated purpose and applied in accordance with the instructions, subject to certain exclusions and limitations set forth in the warranty.


Carefully read and follow all cautions and warnings on the product label.  Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for additional product information.  

Tech Support:  800.232.4832


 Technical Data Reference


 Safety Data Sheets