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 AMP® 200

High-Output Model​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The AMP® 200 (High Output Model) offers many of the same unique properties of the current ARDEX S-48 and S-58 technology platforms including:

  • Self-contained, all-in-one unit for mixing and pumping pre-blended, cementitious materials
  • Utilizes continuous, in-line mixing and rotor stator pumping
  • Controlled by variable frequency-drive system with an output range of up to 200 bags per hour
  • Higher output model, via 5.5Kw / 7.5 HP main motor
  • Operates on 220V, Three Phase
  • 30A minimum on each leg/phase
  • Recommended for 35mm (1.5 inch) hoses
  • Variable frequency-drive system with an output range of up to 200 55-lb. bags an hour (6,000 sq.ft. at 1/4” per hour)
  • Continuous, in-line mixing and rotor stator pumping
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In addition to these current features and benefits, the AMP® 200 also contains:

  • Onboard water booster pump with a cam-lock adapter for easy hose clean out
  • Machinery that operates with only one 3-phase, gear motor for conveying, mixing and pumping; no buck booster required.
  • State of the art, electronic circuitry controls that replace capacitors which were subject to blow outs with power fluctuations
  • Accessible shaft in mixing tube and spray down nozzle for easy cleaning
  • AMP pumps 60’ vertical and 200’ horizontal via initial, higher rotor stator pressure setting of 350 PSI
  • User friendly with quieter over-all pumping system.
  • Made in the U.S.A. with some interchangeable S-48 / S-58 parts (rotor, stator, fittings and hoses)
  • All units reversible for operator safety


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