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 ARDEX E 100™

Screed Improvement and Bonding Slurry Additive​​​​​​​​

Acrylic-based additive that improves the elasticity, compressive and tensile strengths, workability, plasticity and abrasion resistance of sand and cement screeds, all without increasing water content. The potential for crack formation and surface dusting also is reduced. ARDEX E 100 is also ideal for use in the bonding slurry mixture for ARDEX A 38 and ARDEX A 38 MIX.

  • When added to cement and sand screeds:
    • Improves elasticity and compressive and tensile strengths
    • Improves workability and plastic properties without increasing water content
    • Reduces the potential for crack formation and surface dusting; increases abrasion resistance
  • Required additive for ARDEX A 38™ Rapid Set Screed and ARDEX A 38™ MIX Rapid Set, Premixed Screed bonding slurries
  • For internal and external use

Available in 1 gallon (3.79 L) bottle​

For information on sand selection, please read the ARDEX Sand Guide for Screeds.​​


 Technical Data Reference


 Safety Data Sheets