Case Studies

Aguadilla Firehouse Rubber Flooring Installation

The firehouse needed their substrate repaired, so a rubber flooring could be installed.


Things were heating up at the Aguadilla firehouse. Renovations were underway and the plan was to install high performance Johnsonite® rubber flooring in pedestrian areas. Unfortunately, the slab had deflections of as much as 3”, and relative humidity readings up to 95% – well above the flooring manufacturer’s recommendation.

Installer: High Tile
Contractor: Comfort Systems USA
Architect: JR Technical and Development Group

Featured Products:

  • ARDEX EB 2™
  • ARDEX MC™ Plus
  • ARDEX V 1200™


  • High performance rubber flooring to be installed
  • Uneven concrete slabs with deflections up to 3” (7.6 cm)
  • Moisture levels up to 95% RH


The local ARDEX Sales Professional Alex Rivera, worked directly with the architect to define a comprehensive system solution. With its fast dry time, ARDEX EB 2 Fast-Setting Screed Cement was the ideal for the deep fill, followed by ARDEX MC PLUS Moisture Control System to remediate moisture. A finish coat of ARDEX V 1200 Self-Leveling Underlayment provided smooth surface required for the rubber flooring. Alex then worked with the General Contractor and installer to organize the materials, equipment and installation team needed to do the job one, and do it right.