Case Studies

Golden Nugget Casino, Danville, IL


  • Harsh weather conditions of Central Illinois in March, April and May
  • Exterior installation of 3′ x 8′ GPTP slabs
  • Number of exterior towers needing tile (11 total)
  • Size and dimension of exterior towers
  • Tight timeline with the restaurant opening in April 2023 and the casino opening in May 2023

General Contractor

Neverman Floor Artisans



Installer/Installation Team

Neverman Floor Artisans
Tile Setters: Kendall Neverman, Kevin Meeks, Colton Reed, Jeff Rhodes, Liam Spratt
Tile Finishers: Cooper Reed, Corey Neidigh, and Olajuwon Moore


Florstar and The Tile Shop


Mike Kroll, Mark Pennine, Amanda Ciancarelli, and Greg Meyer


High winds, rain, and temperature fluctuation between 28°F to 80°F created challenging jobsite conditions. A very inconsistent substrate called for a full repair prior to installation. The size of the tile being installed required each panel to be hand-cut to size (no assembly line).


Mike Kroll, ARDEX Tile & Stone Sales Professional, consulted with Brian and Matt Neverman to identify a list of potential obstacles with the installation. JSRs were submitted to ARDEX Technical Services Department for guidance on the proper preparation and installation methods for the project.

Several of the exterior towers had gaps in the corner seams and foreign sealants on the cement board structures. Foreign sealers were removed and the damaged facing were repaired with ARDEX MRF Moisture Resistant, Rapid-Drying, Skimcoat Patching Underlayment. After patching, the towers were waterproofed with ARDEX 8+9 Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Membrane.

As the tile installation began, the late March cold spells prevented installation with ARDEX X 77 due to the substrate temperature dropping below 40°F overnight. ARDEX X 90 OUTDOOR offered the installation team with a solution to continue working despite the shift in temperatures. ARDEX SX 100% Silicone Sealant used to complete the tile installation. Despite high winds and temperatures, the team was able to complete the project within the allotted time frame.

“When we looked at this project, we knew there would be some challenges with the proper installation being weather job site conditions and overall follow through from start to finish,” said Matt Neverman, Neverman Floor Artisans. “However, we accepted that challenge and wanted to move forward. Before we even got on site, we had our team complete gauged porcelain panel training with the IMI institute to gain the most up to date installation guidelines. During the project, we brought ARDEX reps to our office for a meeting on proper materials needed for a successful installation. All together with the IMI training, ARDEX support, and coordination with the general contractor this installation was a success. We are very pleased to perform this type of installation and look forward to the next one.”

Download the Case Study here: ARDEX Case Study – Golden Nugget Casino