Case Studies

Winn Slavin Fine Art Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA


Working on a tight timeline and in the evenings to avoid disruption of business hours.


Installer – Southwest Flooring – Guillermo González


Winn Slavin Fine Art Gallery was seeking a polished concrete look, but the previous installation was a lightweight concrete that was not polishable.


ARDEX EP 2000™ was used to prime the substrate. ARDEX K 520™ was then installed at 3/8″ thickness. Polishable in 24hours, the floor was cut using 30 grit metal, 60 grit metal, 50 grit resin, and 200 grit resin, resulting in an approximate 800 grit polish. The client was pleased with the aggregate and polished finish as well as the timeliness of the installation with minimal disruption to business hours.

Download the Case Study here: ARDEX Case Study – Winn Slavin Fine Art Gallery