Case Studies

Ameriprise Financial, Minneapolis, MN


Older office building Downtown Minneapolis with full floor of concrete access panel floor that was not able to be
removed. Ameriprise required a 25 Year System Warranty so higher end products needed to be used to install 24” x
24” x 5/8” thick Cement Terrazzo Pavers

Tile Contractor

Acoustics Associates

General Contractor

ERA Engineering and Ryan Companies


Hanks Specialties approached ARDEX Representative Greg Meyer with a potential, 5,500 sf, project downtown Minneapolis for Ameriprise Financial. The contractor has been using ARDEX Tiling products for the past 3 years with great success and had confidence that ARDEX would provide a system that would work in this challenging situation.


The Ameriprise expanded the size from 5,500 to 6,000 sf and all of it was over a concrete access panel floor that had carpet tile glued to it and was not feasible to remove. After the first site visit, and receiving the engineers’ structural information on the access panel system, it was determined that the structure was solid enough to install their preferred flooring over it.

Now came the preparation and it was determined that the concrete access panels had to be ground down to clean concrete to remove all the carpet glue and contaminants. Acoustics ground a test area and I went back to confirm and verify that it was acceptable to receive mortar. After the approval, Acoustics used ARDEX X 78 to install the Uncoupling Membrane ARDEX Flexbone UI 740. They then prefilled areas with ARDEX S 28 and installed the new cement terrazzo pavers with S 28 also. Once installed, ARDEX WA Epoxy Grout and ARDEX SX Silicone were used in accordance with TCNA guidelines for control and expansion joints.